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Julien was born and raised in the south of France.

In 2008 he started a traditional tattoo apprenticeship in Marseille at FTC Tattoo under the guidance of Pat Bastard.

Pat taught him everything it takes to become a street shop tattooer, doing all styles like lettering, tribal, realistic portraits, traditional american etc.

In 2013 Julien moved to Germany. He worked in different studios before he landed at Akira Tattoo in Essen. His second mentor, Jörg Allan, gave him the opportunity to work on large scale japanese projects. It was a blast! From this time on, Julien decided to dedicate his entire career to this amazing style of tattooing.

In 2022, Julien opened his own private studio in Oberhausen city, called Iki Irezumi.

Two years later he decided to open it to the public, making the shop semi-private. The idea is to get the advantages of both worlds: the comfort and calm of a private shop, the spontaneity and buzzing atmosphere of a street shop.


„Irezumi is the traditional form of japanese tattooing, it takes a lot of time and effort to master it, especially as a non-japanese. That‘s a big challenge and a lifetime commitment!

I will always give my best!“




Fred comes from the beautiful city of Sète in the south of France. He is operating there in his shop Inkvader Tattoo since 1999. He‘s a long-time friend of Julien and he didn’t hesitate when he got the opportunity to work as a regular guest-artist at Iki Irezumi!

Fred is an allrounder artist who is passionate about traditional japanese tattooing. With over 25 years of experience there is not much that he can‘t do! You can find him at the studio every 3 to 4 months.


„Only the best, fuck the rest“


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Gordon is the successor of world famous underground tattooer, Shodai Horikoi/Kisaragi  from Japan and creates small and mostly large scale work with electric machines or with “Tebori”, the traditional hand poke method. 

Occasionally you can find him in the Iki Irezumi Studio, no conventions, seldomly selected media. 

Conform with old japanese ethics, he specifically doesn’t show too much of his work as it belongs to his customers and should not be exploited in the internet. 

Enthusiastically, he looks forward to new episodes of life and adventurous projects to tattoo. 

With your dedication and if you’re interested, he will bring you a step closer to the subject of japanese Horimono. 
"Let’s look forward to working with each other!"

Gordon Claus 
Second Generation Kisaragi